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Kenny Pedersen, 08/27/2018
As Summer starts to fade and the first day of school approaches quickly, we start to get overwhelmed of where to start and how to best prepare for that special day. We know that as the first weeks of school begins, important papers and school supplies start to get lost and shuffled in between Continue Reading...
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Meghan Harris, 08/17/2018
Keeping your home organized may seem like a constant, uphill battle. However, with a few simple organization habits you can make your home ready for visitors and family nights anytime. Here are 5 organization habits you can start implementing today to help your home step up its game. Create Your To Continue Reading...
8 Items That Organize Computer Cables Around Your Desk
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Michael Nokes, 08/09/2018
Technology gets messy. Cords wrap around each other, take up floor space around your feet, and become a tripping hazard if they’re connected to outlets across the room. I have many times accidentally shut off my computer before due to a poorly placed power strip and tangled cables. For most of us, Continue Reading...
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Matthew Adams, 08/07/2018
They say almost 1 in 4 Americans claim their garage is too cluttered to park their car inside. This means there are millions and millions of homes around the US where a garage has become the dumping ground for anything and everything deemed non essential to those living inside. This is a big Continue Reading...