5 Organization Ideas for the New Year

5 Organization Ideas for the New Year

Now that holidays and festivities are long over, it is time to make some changes. New Year’s is a great time for starting off with a clean slate – the biggest barrier is sticking to it. Thankfully, with some home organization, it can be easy to keep things tidy when everything is in a proper and logical place. Here, we provide you with 5 ideas to help you jumpstart your 2017!

Locate the Problem Areas

The first step to organizing is assessing the situation. There are probably some parts of the home that stay relatively tidy and others that do not. List down some reasons as to why messy areas stay messy and try to think of some ways to fix it. For example, if there is an area that has stuff thrown at it while in a hurry, maybe a way to fix it is a large bin to throw everything in. That way at least the mess is off the floor.

Switch It Up

Some storage areas just don’t work. We decide the office supplies belong in a drawer, but always end up left on the desk. Since the New Year is a time to try new things, maybe try storing items in a more convenient drawer and move the old items out into another drawer. You could also purchase some desk organizers to hold scissors and the stapler, files organizers, and a mug to hold pencils and pens. The switch up could end up sticking better for you than the last layout.

De-clutter High Traffic Areas

Parts of the home that have a lot of people coming and going are essential to keep clean and have clear walkways. These areas can also accumulate junk pretty quick. Do a quick sweep and find any areas that has loose items that could be stowed away, or storage bins taking up room that could be moved to a spot with less activity.

Fix the Junk Drawers

Everyone, myself included, has at least one of these. It’s time to open up the junk drawer and completely overhaul it. It makes finding your keys a lot easier in the long run, trust me. Put in drawer organizers, categorize like items, and find new places for at least half of the things in the junk drawer.

Deep Clean

Doesn’t hurt to do some spring cleaning in January, right? Dust, wipe down countertops and other surfaces, and vacuum – especially the couches. After having guests over for holiday after holiday, you don’t want to forget to clean underneath those cushions.

5 Organization Ideas for the New Year
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