How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

How to Convert Your Garage into a Home Gym

Not using your garage to store your automobile? If you've always wanted a home gym but thought it was too big of a project, think again. With a bit of creativity and organization, you can skip the $50 monthly membership fee and workout in the comfort and convenience of your own home instead.

Making Room for the Equipment

Of course the first step to your new workout center involves making room for your fitness equipment. Depending on the amount of clutter in your garage, this could take a bit of organizing. Here are some quick garage storage solutions:

If you have minimal clutter, you can quickly organize and store items off the garage floor with the help of garage shelving. If you'll be organizing items into totes, a 24" garage storage system is perfect. Your Christmas and holiday items, camping gear, fishing equipment, and yard supplies can all be moved to garage shelving. With the Monkey Bars garage storage system, you'll have industrial strength shelving that can hold up to 1,000 pounds for every four foot section of garage shelving.

Yard tools, such as rakes, shovels, your weed eater, and other items can be conveniently stored on a garage rack system. Store items used less frequently toward the back and tools used often in the front.

Ideas for Your Garage Work Out Center

Once your garage is organized and you have enough floor space to hold your gym equipment, you're ready for the conversion to begin. Start with the walls. You'll want to mount at least a few full length  mirrors to the wall you'll most often be facing. Lifting weights and working out in front of a mirror is always helpful. Not only is it encouraging to notice progress and body changes, but watching yourself workout helps with your form and posture as well.

If you think you'll be using DVDs, such as P90X or Insanity, you'll want to mount a flat screen tv to the wall as well. Below the tv is the perfect spot for a garage cabinet. In it you can store hand towels, your workout DVDs, resistance bands, and hand weights.

You'll also want a storage area for yoga mats, kettle bells, and any free weights. The rest of your floor space can hold your weight bench, treadmill, exercise bike, and any other large pieces of fitness equipment you have. Be sure to leave room for items you may purchase later, such as a ceiling hanging punching bag, a garage refrigerator for your water, ice packs and energy drinks, extra track lighting, and possibly a space heater for those colder winter days.

What about your garage flooring? If your current garage floor is cracked and stained, it may be time to refinish your floor with an epoxy garage floor coating. Quick and easy to apply, your garage will have a finished, contemporary look in just a couple of days.

There you have it, quick tips to your own personal home gym. Are you ready to transform your garage AND your body? We'll help you with the garage shelving, racks and flooring. The body transformation is up to you.


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