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Shaelyn Rich, 02/23/2018
One of the biggest parts of garage clutter stem from confusion between what should be stored in the garage and what should not be stored. There aren’t any hard rules for this. However, it simply comes down to this: what is safe and what is not safe to store in the garage. What Not to Keep in the Continue Reading...
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Olivia Waddell, 02/16/2018
When you have new cabinets installed in your garage it can be hard to know how to keep them organized. Items stored in garage cabinets are typically winter clothes, sports equipment, holiday decorations, cleaning supplies, paint and anything else that doesn’t have a place inside your home. The Continue Reading...
Quick Guide to Organizing File Clutter
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Michael Nokes, 02/09/2018
The amount of paperwork and important documents you need to store piles up fast, in my experience. A file container quickly becomes a desk full of files, then a room full of files, and so on. There is wisdom in disposing stuff you think you no longer need, files included. The problem with physical Continue Reading...
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Charlotte Allen, 02/02/2018
I am confident that one of the most disorganized places in your home is your linen closet. It’s pretty easy to let it get out of hand, especially when you have kids that don’t love to fold things and put them back properly. A neat linen closet allows you to painlessly grab blankets and sheets Continue Reading...
Garage Safety
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Bri Lords, 01/26/2018
Most homeowners use the garage as a storage space, yet many don’t realize that their precious items are not stored safely. Rain water or snow tracked in by cars or pests can quickly ruin items in the garage. These 3 tips will help you keep your items safely stored in the garage. Store items in Continue Reading...
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Ashley Rogers, 01/19/2018
Basics of Organizing a Garage Are you one of the 1 in 4 Americans that have a disorganized garage? Garages are easy to neglect, and they quickly become cluttered. If you feel like your garage has been taken over by the mess, and would like more room for your car, projects, and storage, use our Continue Reading...
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Shaelyn Rich, 01/12/2018
There are really only two main states of a garage: so extremely messy that you can’t even walk, or nice and tidy. Not to discredit the middle ground, where every so often there are a couple items out of place, but this state of the garage is not what will be discussed today. Have you ever moved Continue Reading...