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5 Spooky Haunted Garage Ideas
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Michael Nokes, 10/27/2017
Halloween is a great time of year for everyone to express their creativity. Halloween costumes, themed parties, home decorating, pumpkin carving, trick-or-treating, haunted mazes, and other attractions are just a few of the many activities that make the one special day stretch across the whole Continue Reading...
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Charlotte Allen, 10/19/2017
We spend a lot of time organizing and cleaning the inside of our homes but it’s important to get our outdoor areas taken care of as well. Fall is in full swing and winter is right around the corner! As you enjoy the cooler temperatures and the smell of the leaves changing color, don’t forget to Continue Reading...
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Olivia Waddell, 10/06/2017
Your garage interior is probably the last place you think needs interior design help, but let’s face it a lot of people will see the inside of your garage. There are many simple ways to add more of your personal style to your garage that double as storage. Sports Equipment If you or your Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 09/30/2017
Looking to give your home and garage a little boost before fall and winter really hit? Check out our top 5 weekend projects! Weather Stripping: With colder weather on the horizon it’s time to start preparing your home for the changing seasons. Weather stripping your garage and home will save you Continue Reading...
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Cortney Agren, 09/22/2017
Did you know that the first day of Fall is today? If you somehow missed all the Instagram posts of pumpkin spiced lattes, now you know! As the temperatures become crisper, your house needs to be prepared for the coming months. We’ve compiled three ways to help you make sure you home is fit for the Continue Reading...
tips for college room organizing
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Michael Nokes, 09/15/2017
The school year is back in full swing and it’s easy to allow a busy college schedule to control a student’s life. Getting behind on organization not only makes apartment clean-checks difficult, but can impede productivity. Back when I was in college, my roommates and I kept our apartment very clean Continue Reading...
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Charlotte Allen, 09/08/2017
Most households have such a cluttered garage that they don’t have room to park cars in them or find items that they need. It might be time for you to get organized if you fall into any of these categories: You Park Your Car In The Driveway: Your garage is a great place to store extra items Continue Reading...