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4 Tips On Creating Space In A Small Home
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ssloop, 02/01/2013
Do you live in a small home or an apartment? If so, you may feel like your home is crowded and cluttered. Here are a few tips to help you create more space. Think Vertically: If you have a small space you want to think tall. Try slim bookshelves and hanging paintings high on the walls so the eye is Continue Reading...
organize garage cabinets
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ssloop, 01/25/2013
Are you tired of losing items in your garage cabinets? Does it drive you crazy when you are unable to open your desk drawers because so many things are stuffed in them? Do food items go bad in your pantry before you get to use them? Organization is the solution to all three of these problems. Here Continue Reading...
home organizing tips
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ssloop, 01/18/2013
  At the beginning of every year there is the cliché act of goal making where everyone makes a commitment that they drop after a month. A lot of those goals have to do with being organized. If your goal this year is to keep your home organized don’t give up! Here are a few tips to help you build Continue Reading...
keep your garage waste free
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ssloop, 01/11/2013
  In the average home the garage seems to be the “drop zone” for anything that doesn’t have a place inside. If this sounds like your garage the easiest way to prevent this is to stay organized. I’m sure you’re thinking…”yeah if only it were that simple.”. Well here is a secret; it really can be Continue Reading...
organize a one car garage
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ssloop, 12/14/2012
  Tools, lawn mower, bikes, gardening equipment, and many other items often take over the space of the car in a one- car garage. Winter officially starts in 1 week and no one wants to scrape their car windows in the freezing cold before work every morning. Here are a few tips to organizing a small Continue Reading...
family organizing
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ssloop, 12/07/2012
  Organization isn’t going to be on the top of the “fun” list for your family. So how do you get them to be on board and become organized when they don’t want to? The answer is the same thing you do to get anyone to do anything…Motivate them! Rewards System: If your organized guru example isn’t Continue Reading...
5 Things To Purge From Your home Right Now!
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ssloop, 11/30/2012
  Organization is something that is normally different for every person. However there are things in every home that are the same. I bet that if I came to your home right now you would have a few items from each category ready to be purged. This being said, try going through this list about once a Continue Reading...