Forward J Hook

forward J hook
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Forward J Hook

$9.99 / each Item #:
The Forward J Hook is great for holding golf bags, weed trimmers, and other yard tools.

The Forward J Hook is similar to the J Hook but it is rotated 90 degrees to hold items in front of the bar. It is powder coated and rubber dipped for durability.

Q: How is this different from the other J Hook sold?

A: This hook curves outward from the wall the rather than to the side.

Q: What items are recommended to hang with this hook

A: Golf bags, leaf blowers, chain saws, cords, and miscellaneous yard tools.

Q: Why would I choose to buy this hook over the other J hook?

A: The other J hook is designed mainly just for bikes

Product Belt

Rubber Coated Hooks

The rubber coating protects your items as well as increases the grip of the hook.

Powder Coated Protection

All hooks, bars, and brackets are powder coated for a tough exterior that looks great.

Industrial Grade Steel

All of our kits are made with steel to provide you with strength you can count on.