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garage organizing tips
Does your garage resemble an episode of Hoarders? Okay, maybe it's not that bad, but you may be moving in that direction. Ask yourself the following questions: Are items stacked everywhere but nothing seems to have a ‘home’? Is your lawn mower sitting outside of your garage covered with a tarp or Continue Reading...
organize a room
Are you fed up with the constant mess and the inability to find the things you need in your home? Sometimes life comes at us so quickly, we let certain things slide. Unfortunately, cleaning and organizing our homes usually get pushed to the bottom of the list. If you'd like a change, and are Continue Reading...
Okay, when it comes to decluttering, I'm pretty ruthless. Being in the garage organization business, I've seen too many people with way too much stuff. Actually, I could almost become a minimalist and it would suit me just fine. Not everyone, of course, could deal with such extreme measures, so let Continue Reading...
own a business
Let's face it. Our garages are definitely not what they once were. Today's garage space is equally divided between the traditional place to park the family vehicles, the man cave, the spare bedroom, the work out area, the hobby center, and in today's budding work-from-home environment, more garages Continue Reading...
entrepreneur magazine
As seen in the October 2011 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine: See how the article looked in the magazine // SUCCESS PROFILE In 1999, engineer and entrepreneur Jared Newman faced a dilemma common to millions of homeowners, “What good is a two car garage if I can’t fit two cars into it?” After Continue Reading...
store luggage
What types of things are lurking in the back of your closet? For many, the closet is a catch-all for items that are not often used, or things that you honestly don't know what to do with. Remember when you threw your exercise ball in the back of your closet three months ago, thinking you'd find Continue Reading...
black and white
AJC, an Atlanta newspaper, ran a great organizing article this last Sunday entitled, “Start now, stay organized through all the seasons”. They included a picture of our Monkey Bars garage storage system in action. Our Atlanta, Georgia dealer, Doug Calvert, has enjoyed the exposure; however, the Continue Reading...