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new year 2014
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joanne, 12/20/2013
Another year has come and gone. Do you find yourself itching to begin that New Year’s resolution in a few weeks? Whether you are giving up those sweet treats or vowing to be smarter with your money, we have a resolution that will save you the headache and the painful temptations for that candy bar Continue Reading...
gift of organization
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kirsten, 12/13/2013
     Christmas is right around the corner and some of us are feeling like time is passing us by too quickly for the amount of things we still have to get done. The lights and tree have been up for weeks but Christmas day is quickly approaching and we haven’t been able to cross everyone off our gift Continue Reading...
packing holiday decor
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Madison, 12/06/2013
We’re in the midst of the holiday season. Getting up in the morning becomes a little bit easier. Driving to work gets a little bit better. The anticipation is apparent and the excitement is thick. But there’s a heavy little cloud hanging over your mistletoe…and that’s the cold hard truth that you’ Continue Reading...
garage space
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levi, 11/27/2013
If you have ever felt like your garage is getting smaller, or that the walls are getting closer, then you are in luck. Why are you in luck? Because we at Monkey Bar Garage Storage have great tips and ideas of how you can utilize garage space, and regain control of your garage. Not all garages are Continue Reading...
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paige, 11/22/2013
Cold weather is fast approaching, if not already here. You’ve probably already prepped your home by testing the furnace and checking for drafts around windows and doors, but did you think about your garage? Winterizing your garage is vital for preserving power tools, equipment and energy. By Continue Reading...
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skidmore, 11/15/2013
TIPS ON HOW TO CLEAN YOUR GARAGE FLOOR When you pull into your garage after a long day of work the last thing you want to do is look at those horrible oil stains from your dripping car, or those awful, black, tire marks that are made every time you come in. Just like your living room floor, you Continue Reading...
garage makeover
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Stephanie Hanson, 11/12/2013
In an effort to help the local Salvation Army, Garage Storage of Missouri City paired with 800 Got Junk and the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Houston chapter to provide one homeowner in the Houston area with a complete garage makeover. Each contestant was evaluated on the state Continue Reading...