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Shaelyn Rich, 07/13/2018
The garage floor is an aspect of organization that can be overlooked very easily. Garage floor tiles may not be very helpful when looking solely to store more items. However, it does make a huge difference in protecting your concrete and definitely affects the overall look and feel of your garage Continue Reading...
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Kenny Pedersen, 07/10/2018
SPOTTING A HOARDER I have always watched those hoarding shows and thought to myself “How do those people let their home get so out of hand?”. I have also realized that it doesn’t just happen all at once. Little by little, day by day, things start to pile up and then your home looks like a tornado Continue Reading...
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Meghan Harris, 06/29/2018
Our garages often becomes the dumping ground for everything we gather that doesn’t have a place inside. As you organize the inside of your home it is common to find your garage becoming more and more disorganized. Here are 7 pro tips to helping you organize your garage and keep it that way: Pro Continue Reading...
9 Tips for Organizing Your Food Storage
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Michael Nokes, 06/22/2018
Bulk packaged foods can be commonly found in homes that frequent Costco, have large families, or place a personal emphasis on emergency preparedness. My family was all three of those things when I was growing up. We kept a lot of our bulk, non-refrigerable food and water in a storage room in the Continue Reading...
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Matthew Adams, 06/14/2018
Did you know a messy lifestyle can have a serious impact on your career, relationships, and health? Yep! A messy desk leads to decreased productivity, or A cluttered room increases stress levels and negatively impacts health Yet, none of this is really news to any of us. We all know that it’s a Continue Reading...
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Olivia Waddell, 06/05/2018
Looking for a gift your dad will love year after year? The Monkey Bars Storage system offers a variety of storage products that will make his life easier. Here our the top 4 storage products your dad needs. 1. Fold-Down or Static Workbench - Having a functional workbench is the key to Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 05/25/2018
We all know how annoying it can be when you don't have a spot for shoes, coats or bags and they seem to end up in a pile in the middle of your floor. Using a variety of custom garage storage solutions to fit your family's unique storage needs, you can say "goodbye" to the after-school or work pile Continue Reading...