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Winter MB Guide
The Winter can seem less like a wonderland when your home is disorganized and home improvement projects go unchecked from the "to do" list. Monkey Bars is here to help! We've compiled the most helpful articles from professional organizers, bloggers, and home improvement enthusiasts. Enjoy!
wrap it buddy giveaway
With the holidays quickly coming to an end, you may be left with a pile of wrapping supplies. Boxes, bows, and wrapping paper can be extremely hard to store and take up precious space in your closest. But it doesn't have to be that way. Get organized with the Wrap iT Buddy! This awesome closet Continue Reading...
There’s a certain freedom that comes with a new year. There’s limitless possibilities, and the desire to take control of your future. That’s why so many people choose to set goals before New Year’s day. The easy part is setting the goals. Where many people falter is keeping on course with the Continue Reading...
7 Products For Organizing After the Holidays
7 Products For Organizing After the Holidays Everyone is familiar with the feeling of gloom and melancholy after the Holidays are over. Family and friends return home and festive decor is put away until next year. Holiday-withdrawal is a real thing! Cleaning up and taking down the decorations can Continue Reading...
With our busy lives we don’t have time to be unorganized. Whether it be in our garage or in our daily planner, clutter can really get in our way. Here are a few ways that we can organize our lives: The Garage: For most guests, the entrance to our home is through the front door. Imagine for a moment Continue Reading...
Setting Up the Holidays Safely
Thanksgiving is here and the end of the year holidays are coming fast! During this holiday season many families like to share in the holiday spirit by decorating their homes inside and out. I was always the one in my family to organize the “holiday prep squad” (usually just my sisters and me) and Continue Reading...
Thanksgiving Storage Solutions
Thanksgiving is just one day out of 365. Unfortunately, that one day can be very stressful for many people. Planning the food, the place settings, and asking yourself, “How is everyone going to fit?” can be activities filled with anxiety. If you want to decrease the stress before Thanksgiving Continue Reading...