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Bri Lords, 12/29/2014
New Year’s is only a few days away and we know everyone is trying to think of a New Year’s resolution. There are the exercise resolutions, the decrease-social-media-use resolutions, the take-risks-and-have-adventures resolutions, but what about organization resolutions? When a home is organized, it Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 12/19/2014
For many parents, hiding Christmas presents can be a challenge, especially with curious children. After a few years, the ‘under-the-bed’ or ‘in-the-closet’ hiding places for presents are found and suddenly it’s time to find new hiding places. There are enough things to stress about during the Continue Reading...
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Nic, 12/15/2014
The holiday season is one of the times of the year where being organized comes in very handy. We have to make lots of preparations for holiday celebrations, family visits and many other festivities. Being organized can significantly reduce stress. Here are a few organization tips to help you Continue Reading...
Turning Your Garage into a Home Theater
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Andrew McFarlane, 12/05/2014
These past few years, we have all been introduced and influenced by the unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows through either Hulu or Netflix. Many of us are now gathering the family together to watch our favorite episodes or newly released movies on a regular basis. So, why not dedicate some Continue Reading...
garage epoxy flooring for any room
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Madison, 12/01/2014
In an average home, there are at least 6 different spaces that need some type of flooring. Usually it’s carpet or hardwood, but what about those spaces that have special uses? We’re talking about the rooms where spills are inevitable, stains are frequent, and sweeping is necessary. We’ve got the Continue Reading...
keep pests out of the garage
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James White, 11/25/2014
It’s one of the things you almost just wish you didn't notice. In the five seconds it takes you to get out of your car and go into your house, you notice something scuttling away into the corner of the garage. Yeah, you could try to convince yourself your mind was playing tricks on you, but soon Continue Reading...
organized garage for the holidays
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Stephanie Hanson, 11/21/2014
With the holiday season upon us, our thoughts are turned toward yummy food, time with family, and the coveted Christmas gifts.When friends visit during this time of year, we usually thinking about the rooms they see the most, like the living room, bathroom, and kitchen, right? Wrong. Here’s a few Continue Reading...