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garage sale tips
Arianna Gonzalez's picture
Arianna Gonzalez, 05/27/2016
Now that you decided to organize your garage this Spring, what are you going to do with the items you don’t want? Start organizing a garage sale! Making money by organizing your garage is a great incentive to get you started. Below are some basic steps to have a successful garage sale.   Continue Reading...
freshen up your garage
Kenady Ghent's picture
Kenady Ghent, 05/20/2016
Spring is upon us and it’s time for some home upgrades. After a long winter, our space is often cluttered, dirty and drab. Here are some tips to give your garage a fresh and updated look for Spring. Fresh Coat of Paint When is the last time you painted the garage walls? It’s remarkable what a Continue Reading...
Bri Lords's picture
Bri Lords, 05/16/2016
With the weather warming up, it's time to work on a few projects around the house. A good hack can definitely be a game changer when it comes to home improvement, storage and organization saving valuable time, money and energy. But where can you find house hacks that actually work? Protect America Continue Reading...
Megan's picture
Megan, 05/13/2016
Party season is finally upon us. From graduation parties, to summery neighborhood get-togethers, to hectic family reunions, there are so many excuses to entertain. With all of these events there is one common question: where are we going to put everyone? We have a simple answer; the garage. Continue Reading...
Sarah's picture
Sarah, 05/05/2016
There has been a new organizational trend on the rise: command centers. Families’ schedules get crazy, and keeping a whole family organized and functioning in an orderly fashion is hard and sometimes a nightmare. The command center is a cute and fun way to bring the family back together and to Continue Reading...
Bri Lords's picture
Bri Lords, 05/02/2016
Mother’s Day is almost here; do you have a way to tell the mother in your life what she means to you? Give mom a space all her own for various projects, like potting and gardening with a Monkey Bar Storage Potting Bench. It is the perfect gift for the green thumb in your life. A Potting Bench Continue Reading...
Julia Ward's picture
Julia Ward, 04/29/2016
The spring season is finally upon us, which means it’s time to declutter your garage. Throughout the year, your garage consumed so much stuff, and with the weather getting warmer, it’s the perfect time to organize it all. Go Through It All Pick a warm, sunny day, open your garage door, and Continue Reading...