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Kenady Ghent, 01/22/2016
Many of us have the New Year's Resolution to keep the garage more organized in 2016. This can be hard when life is crazy-busy, and it’s much easier to just throw items on the garage floor when you’re in a hurry. Your problem could be that you haven’t given each item in your garage a “spot”. Garage Continue Reading...
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taylor gibson, 01/14/2016
Growing up I seemed to always get in trouble for leaving the garage wide open when I went out to play. It could have partially been because it made it easier for people to steal our stuff, but I always knew that wasn’t ever the case. It was because they were embarrassed when all the neighbors could Continue Reading...
Spring Cleaning
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Sarah, 01/06/2016
Why wait until spring to start your spring cleaning? Winter tends to be a dark, cold, and dirty season with all of the mud and dust that can accumulate. Not being able to deep clean or throw the windows open in the winter months can make your home feel musty. Take a day or two and freshen up your Continue Reading...
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Megan, 01/01/2016
The New Year is here, which means it is the perfect time to set the resolution to get your kitchen back into shape. Though most resolutions go out the window before February, these simple DIY kitchen organization tips will make it easy to keep your resolution and help you maintain a coordinated Continue Reading...
Winter MB Guide
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Stephanie Hanson, 12/23/2015
The Winter can seem less like a wonderland when your home is disorganized and home improvement projects go unchecked from the "to do" list. Monkey Bars is here to help! We've compiled the most helpful articles from professional organizers, bloggers, and home improvement enthusiasts. Enjoy!
wrap it buddy giveaway
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Stephanie Hanson, 12/22/2015
With the holidays quickly coming to an end, you may be left with a pile of wrapping supplies. Boxes, bows, and wrapping paper can be extremely hard to store and take up precious space in your closest. But it doesn't have to be that way. Get organized with the Wrap iT Buddy! This awesome closet Continue Reading...
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Stephanie Hanson, 12/17/2015
There’s a certain freedom that comes with a new year. There’s limitless possibilities, and the desire to take control of your future. That’s why so many people choose to set goals before New Year’s day. The easy part is setting the goals. Where many people falter is keeping on course with the Continue Reading...