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Charlotte Allen, 04/28/2017
An organized office is essential to your productivity. It’s easy to let clutter build up on your desk, especially if you work from home. However, keeping your work space clean can ease your stress and increase your productivity which, in return, will benefit you, your company and your family. Continue Reading...
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Ashley Rogers, 04/21/2017
Space in your home is valuable, no matter how much you have. Different storage options and clutter can easily consume your space. We listed 5 ways to maximize space, so you will have more room to lounge, dance around, and hang out with loved ones. Think vertical Start maximizing your space Continue Reading...
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Cortney Agren, 04/14/2017
Throughout time, parents have been tripping over their kids’ bikes, balls, and who knows what else when they are trying to exit the garage. For parents, this means war if they have to tell their son/daughter to pick up their bicycle one more time. With these 6 simple steps, you can help yourself Continue Reading...
organizing cluttered cabinets and shelves
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Michael Nokes, 04/07/2017
There are lot of organization tips that I have written about investing in cabinets and shelves. Sometimes these solutions only solve half the problem. I have a personal problem of just throwing items in my cabinets and on shelves, without giving any thought to how messy it looks. A cluttered Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 03/31/2017
The garage is a perfect place to store sports equipment, tools, and holiday decorations but it can also be the perfect home for pests. Many homeowners don’t realize that their garage is actually inviting pests. Before you find a mouse scurrying across your garage floor, find out how your garage Continue Reading...
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Nick Western, 03/24/2017
Now that the snow is melting and temperatures are rising, it’s a good idea to begin cleaning and decluttering your garage. At least, be aware of what you are storing in your garage that needs a place outside or should be placed somewhere else. There are few things you will want to remove Continue Reading...
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Charlotte Allen, 03/17/2017
Spring is right around the corner and we all know what that means; It’s time for some spring cleaning! As the cold winter months come to a close and warmer days begin appear, we get an added boost of energy. It’s time to tackle the clutter that’s built up in your home. Spring is the perfect Continue Reading...