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Bri Lords, 07/18/2016
Many homeowners find it difficult, or nearly impossible, to navigate the garage without tripping over something. Because of clutter and disorganization family vehicles are parked in the drive while items of far less value take up precious space in the garage. With a few conscious decisions, it's Continue Reading...
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Arianna Gonzalez, 07/08/2016
Are you in need of an entertainment room and not utilizing your garage? Making your garage into a home theater is a brilliant way to get friends and family over for a family movie night or game night. Not to mention, it is cheaper than an outing to the theater. Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime make Continue Reading...
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Julia Ward, 07/01/2016
Sometimes getting organized seems like a hard task. It takes motivation, planning, and time which are all things that are hard to prioritize when life gets busy. Between balancing work, family, and other life obligations, getting organized can seem like a tedious task. So what are the benefits of Continue Reading...
Kid's Organized Summer
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Megan, 06/24/2016
School is officially out, which means the kids are home for the summer! Having so much free time can take a turn from fun to disorganization and boredom in a snap. Avoid getting stuck in the boredom rut and keep your kid’s summer organized with these simple ideas: Create a visible schedule. It is Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 06/17/2016
Summer has finally arrived with its beautiful weather, lazy days and family activities. Our Stars, Stripes, and Bikes giveaway will make the cleanup after a fun outing a breeze. Who doesn't love a bike ride on a summer evening? Birds chirping, laughter, and the comfortable temperature that Continue Reading...
Emergency Preparedness In The Garage
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Sarah, 06/17/2016
From coast to coast, different areas have different risks of natural disasters. Houses and garages can suffer a lot of damage from events like earthquakes and floods, creating a necessity to always be prepared in times of emergency. Often times homes built in natural disaster zones will have Continue Reading...
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Julia Ward, 06/10/2016
Father’s Day is right around the corner, and when you have a Dad as awesome as yours it can be pretty stressful to find the perfect gift. Often times, a garage is a place for Dad to get away from the stress of the world and decompress. Find the perfect gift and get inspired by these garage Continue Reading...