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Nick Western, 02/24/2017
Are you a planner, a todo-lister, a tidy-upper? If you are at least one of these things, you might be an organized person. This is a great thing because you know how beneficial it is to organize your life. We get the satisfaction of feeling in control and that it will remain organized forever. Continue Reading...
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Charlotte Allen, 02/17/2017
Disorganization can add a lot of extra weight to an already stressful life. I have come to find this through many failed attempts to organize my home and my life. I’ve noticed that when I forgo my organizational habits my days are always a little bit harder, more stressful and messier! From my Continue Reading...
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Bri Lords, 02/10/2017
Getting organized isn’t a one-time task; it’s something that has to be done every day. It’s something that is built upon constantly. As I try to keep my home more organized, I’ve noticed that if I don’t build on the progress that I make one day, everything will be for not the next! Clutter just Continue Reading...
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Arianna Gonzalez, 02/03/2017
Have a hard time organizing your garage? Or you simply don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. By helping you map out “Zones” in your garage, you’ll get started in no time. No one throws a pile of books on any library shelf, right? Each book is categorized and placed in their own section. That’s Continue Reading...
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Cortney Agren, 01/27/2017
A lot of things can throw you off. Don’t let disorganization add to the chaos of everyday life. Murphy’s law can come into play at any time, so keep things organized to make it a less stressful event when things begin to go wrong. One study has found that when wives describes their homes, their Continue Reading...
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Elizabeth Dodson, 01/20/2017
Sometimes it feels like life is so chaotic and we just cannot seem to get our arms around the details within our life. When it comes to our homes and overall home management, we get bogged down with all the details necessary to keep our home running smoothly. Wouldn’t it be nice to get the Continue Reading...
5 Organization Ideas for the New Year
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Michael Nokes, 01/13/2017
Now that holidays and festivities are long over, it is time to make some changes. New Year’s is a great time for starting off with a clean slate – the biggest barrier is sticking to it. Thankfully, with some home organization, it can be easy to keep things tidy when everything is in a proper and Continue Reading...